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Ritar Technical Advantages
Ritar R&D center gathers a large number of industry elite including two professors and a dozen senior engineers who have rich experience in battery research. Ritar also invested heavily in battery R&D technology; the performance of the batteries independently researched and developed by Ritar has met and exceeded international standards and a variety of technologies have been granted national and international patents.[More]
Operation Environment and Safety
Keep batteries away from any source of ignition, organic solvent, or direct sunlight [More]
Installation Cautions
Match batteries into battery banks, and group the batteries of the same or similar open-circuit voltage as a bank. The voltage difference of a single cell is recommended to be a grade. [More]
Transportation and Storage
As batteries are relatively heavy, you must pay attention to the selection of the means of transportation. No rolling or throwing is allowed.[More]
Battery Maintenance
Keep the battery appearances and operating environment clean and dry.[More]
Battery Operation Inspection and Record
Inspection and Maintenance
Monthly Inspection[More]
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